Giana's Return
Title screen
Release September 20, 2009
Genre Platform
Number of player 1 player
Developer(s) Retroguru
Publisher(s) Retroguru
Designer(s) Rodolphe Boixel (main coder)
Shahzad Sahaib (project organizer and level design)
Jane S. Mumford (graphics artwork)
Adam Karol (graphics artwork)
Simon Butler (graphics artwork)
Virgil Metier (graphics artwork)
Christian Hildenbrand (graphics artwork)
Denny Müller (beta testing)
Composer(s) Alexander Oldemeier
David Wuttke
Engine used Unknown
Platform(s) Amiga OS4, AROS, Caanoo, Dingoo A320, Dreamcast, GameCube, GCW Zero, GP2x, GP32, Linux, Mac OSX, MorphOS, MotoMagx, NetBSD, Pandora, PSP, Raspberry Pi, Symbian OS, Wii, Windows, Wiz
Giana's Return is a unofficial 2D singleplayer platform freeware game based on The Great Giana Sisters created by Retroguru in 2003. The game was similar to Giana Worlds, but since Giana Worlds and Giana Worlds 2 ended up being halted on any further development, it renamed into "Gianas Return". The game can be played on every port (such has Dreamcast). The game contain 56 levels and 7 bosses.


Evil Swampy and his followers have stolen the magic ruby, which made it once possible for Giana and Maria to return from their dream. Many creatures are after this ruby, but does it really has power, or was it just a coincidence? As this is not bad enough, Swampy fell in love at first sight with Giana’s sister Maria and shamelessly kidnapped her. She simply has been at the wrong place at the wrong time. You will now have to take on the role of Giana and get back the magic ruby. And most important of all, save your beloved sister Maria and get home save! Good Luck!

Full StorylineEdit

Game startEdit

  • On a warm night, Giana (classic) lies in bed dreaming a strange dream... In front of her lies a fantastic land. Once upon a time, she was trapped there. She was able to return home using the power of the magical ruby. Now someone is pulling her back... Someone is crying, "The ruby!" The voice sounds familiar. Oh, no! Could it be Maria (classic), her sister? Giana wakes up next to a statue of herself. On the pedestal is an inscription: "In honour of the brave girls who fought to get back to their world. Their ruby will always be preserved here, where they were last seen!" But where is the ruby? Again, Giana hears Maria's voice: the mountain!

Crooaa battle beginingEdit

  • Crooaa: Crooaa!
  • Giana: Who are you?
  • Crooaa: Crooaa!
  • Giana: Where is my sister?
  • Crooaa: Crooaa!

World 2 storylineEdit

  • Crooaa has been defeated. Giana steps out of the battle area. in a nearby tree, she notices something stuck on a branch. It's a piece of a map showing the trail she followed to reach the mountain. ...Maybe Maria came this way too? Giana decides to follow the map further north... A cold wind starts to blow.

Zampa battle beginingEdit

  • Zampa: At last you have come!
  • Giana: ???...
  • Zampa : Your way will end here!
  • Giana: I don't think so!
  • Zampa: Lets see!

World 3 storylineEdit

  • Exhausted from the fight with the huge icebear, Giana sits down to rest. Close to where the defeated Zampa lies, she find a mysterious cave entrance! Could this be a way to get trough the mountains? Giana crawls into the dark hole...

Borelix battle beginingEdit

  • Borelix: Who dares to enter my cave?
  • Giana: I was just...
  • Borelix: This is my cave!
  • Giana: ...Looking for my sister...
  • Borelix: No one enters my cave!

World 4 storylineEdit

  • After what seems like days, Giana jumps into the warm night air. She starts heading for the distant sunrise. As she move closer, she realizes that it was not the glow of the rising sun, but of molten lava...

Vulcano battle beginingEdit

  • Vulcano: I hate you!
  • Giana: Why? We just met!?
  • Vulcano: I hate you!
  • Giana: Anything else?
  • Vulcano: Die!

World 5 storylineEdit

  • Hidden in the underbrush, Giana finds another piece of the map! Is she on the right path? It leads to Pythios's desert, through unchartered territory, and finally to a swap. There is still a long way ahead, but Giana is still determined to find out what happened to her beloved sister, Maria!

Pythios battle beginingEdit

  • Pythios: I was waiting for you!
  • Giana: Oh, you did?
  • Pythios: Your sister is no more!
  • Giana: So where she is?
  • Pythios: Stop talking and fight!

World 6 storylineEdit

  • Just as the sun sets, a gust of wind blows up the dry earth around Giana. Amidst the dust, she spots a figure coming closer...
  • Giana: "Did you see a girl pass here?"
  • Xhale: "..." "You are not of our tribe!" "You are an intruder and must suffer!"
  • The ruler of the Xaleander tribe disappears silently into the sandstorm.

Xhale battle beginingEdit

  • Xhale: I warned you!
  • Giana: ...But Maria!
  • Xhale: Our district is ours!
  • Giana: I am sorry!
  • Xhale: Fear the consequence!

World 7 storylineEdit

  • At the edge of the swamp, Giana sees an old woman, but as she appraches... The woman shreieks: "Another one? A girl that looked just like you came by here" Giana explains her story and her journey tracking her sister to the swamp. Suddanly, the old woman grabs Giana's hand... The woman leads her to the swamp's edge and points into the mist ahead... "They went that way!"

Swampy battle storylineEdit

  • Giana: "Maria!"
  • Maria: "Giana! Help me!"

Swampy battle beginingEdit

  • Swampy: You want to save Maria?
  • Giana: No, where is the next busstop?
  • Swampy: Do you make fun of Swampy?!
  • Giana: Stop talking, free my sister!
  • Swampy: Defeat me first!
  • Giana: That will be easy!
  • Swampy: Oh yes?
  • Giana: Yes!
  • Swampy: Don't touch my rubies!
  • Giana: ???...
  • Swampy: You better start running...


  • After defeating Swampy, Giana rescues Maria from his tentacles. Maria shows her where Swampy hid the magic ruby. it now shines purple in the warm sunlight. With the help of the ruby's magic, both sisters are transported home... ...where, to this day, they still have memories of their perilous quests, and wonder of they will ever again be called upon to return? You've saved the sister from the evil! Congratulations!



  • First off, go the first level and collect one ruby. Next, hit every store block with the following directions: L, R, R, L, R, L, L. And you have the Trainer screen!


  • Do the same thing from the previous one, but collect two rubies instead.

Ending hidden messageEdit

  • Go to to the password screen, tips"CR3D1T" and press "enter", you'll go directly to ending screen. At the end, you have this message: "Congratulations! Cheater!"

Armored GianaEdit

  • Go to to the password screen, tips "ARM0RD" and press "enter", you go back to main menu. Start a new game or continue game and you'll be armored Giana.

Giana's screamEdit

  • Giana have a similar scream from Giana Family when she get hit.

First level ressemblanceEdit

  • Don't you even notice the first level look like Super Mario Bros first level?

Fourth wall breaksEdit

  • Open "giana.exe" and after the language selection screen. Wait until one minute minimum and the scrolling text will break the fourth wall.

BAD WORD!!! Edit

  • Open "giana.exe" and chose french language in the language selection screen. Wait until one minute minimum and thirty seconds and the scroll text will say "merde" which it's a french bad word. If you want to know what this mean, check yourself.

NOTE: For the "BAD WORD!!!" secret, if there's also a bad word for spanish and german language, feel free to add it. And i'm sorry for that french bad word :(

Official TrailerEdit

Giana's Return - an inofficial sequel of Giana Sisters by Retroguru (Official Trailer)

Giana's Return - an inofficial sequel of Giana Sisters by Retroguru (Official Trailer)


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