Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is the third official sequel in the Giana Sisters series. Like its predecessors, it is a platform game and is developed by Black Forest Games. The game was crowd funded using the Kickstarter website reaching its goal of $150,000. It has been released for the PC and Xbox 360.


One night a portal opens and Giana's sister, Maria is sucked through into the Dream World. Giana enters the portal and after a short while, encounters the dragon Gurglewocky who devours her sister. The dragon flies off and it is up to Giana to rescue her sister. She finds she has the ability to transform at will between her normal "cute" persona and her "punk" persona, which also changes the environment. While in her "cute" persona, the world is dark and sinister and in her "punk" persona, the world becomes more brighter and beautiful.


The World of Dreams has become a huge and magnificent place that has both a light side and a darker, sinister side. It is made up of various worlds and/or realms that Giana must travel to save her sister.

World 1Edit

  • Mysterious Meadows (1-1)
  • Whirlwind Forest (1-2)
  • Crystal Pond Road (1-3)
  • Soar Wing Hills (1-4)
  • Owlbeak Castle (1-5)
  • Amethyst Mines (1-6)

World 2Edit

  • Crystal Canyon (2-1)
  • Old Crasher's Castle (2-2)
  • Spooky Dungeon (2-3)
  • Owl Shreik Ravine (2-4)
  • Enchanted Mountain Path (2-5)
  • Clockwork Lighthouse (2-6)
  • Dreadful Straits (2-7)

World 3Edit

  • Fluffy Cloud Mountain (3-1)
  • Emerald Cliffs (3-2)
  • Haunted Swamp (3-3)
  • Temple of Doomdidoom(3-4)
  • Owl Wing's Nest (3-5)
  • Breakneck Passage (3-6)
  • Boiling Springs (3-7)
  • Rumbling Rifts (3-8)
  • Dread Dragon's Keep (3-9)
  • Gurglewocky's Lair (3-10)

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