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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Comicbook is an comic series available on Facebook. It is created by Tikwa. So far, there are currently 35 issues.

Characters featured in the entire comicEdit






Hansel and Gretel

Giana (classic)

Page 1 "Gotcha!"Edit

Episode 1 GOTCHA!
Giana : "Huge monster owls!

Giana : "BAM! Gotcha!"

Giana : "And another one! I am totally in hardcore mode!"

Maria : "Hey! Do i look like an owl?!"

Giana : "Maria? Watch out! This isn't "Free To Play"!"

Page 2 "Dragon!"Edit

Episode 2 DRAGON!
Giana : "What's that?"

Maria : "A magic Gem!"

Maria : "It can summon a dragon!"

Giana : "Cool!"

Gurglewocky : "Game over, baby!"

Giana : "Yikes! Maria!"

Giana : "Argh! Another one of those dreams!"

Maria : "From now on, no more video game before bedtime!"

Page 3 "Gem!"Edit

Episode 3 - Gems!
Giana : "In my dreams i hunt for magic gems..."

Giana : "They make me into a punk girl!"

Maria : "Not true! I have one and you're still cute!"

Giana : "Give me that!"

Maria : "Argh! It's true!"

Page 4 "Zwoop!"Edit

Episode 4 ZWOOP!
Maria : "Oh no!"

Giana : "We broke the dream gem!"

Maria : "What's that?"

Giana : "A wishing cloud! Quick, make a wish!"

Maria : "WAAH!"

Giana : "Now that was a silly wish!"

Page 5 "Crash!"Edit

Episode 5 CRASH!
Giana : "Maria, i will save you!"

Giana : "Whoa! Crash!"

Giana : "Yeah, smash!" Maria : "Grr..."

Page 6 "Release date!"Edit

Giana : "A new Adventure!"

Maria : "It's more like a nightmare!"

Maria : "Look!"

Giana : "Cool!"

Giana : "A gem cache!"

Maria : "I meant the warning sign!"

Page 7 "Monster!"Edit

Episode 7 MONSTER!
Giana : "Monster!"

Giana : "Gem power!"

Gurglewocky : "Monster!"

Page 8 "Forgot!"Edit

Episode 8 FORGOT!
Punk Giana : "Take that!"

Punk Giana : "Off you go!"

Punk Giana : "That was easy!"

Punk Giana : "Now what did i forget?"

Maria : "Help!"

Page 9 "Crush!"Edit

Episode 9 Crush!
Maria : "Giana! Help!"

Punk Giana : "Just wait! I will crush you!"

Blue owl : "Nope!"

Blue owl : "This way around is much better!"

Page 10 "Bossfight!"Edit

Episode 10 BOSSFIGHT
Blue owl : "You will never save your sister!"

Blue owl : "I shall stop you!"

Punk Giana : "Try it!"

Blue owl : "Why am i never the bossfight?"

Page 11 "Short break!"Edit

Episode 11 Short Break!
Punk Giana : "Nothing can stop me now!"

Punk Giana : "Oh!"

Cute Giana : "A short break for gems can't hurt..."

Page 12 "Flying!"Edit

Episode 12 Flying
Cute Giana : "Gems! Make me fly!"

Cute Giana : "Awesome, quickly off to my sister!"

Cute Giana : "I guess gems are only good for short stretches!"

Page 13 "Inside feelings!"Edit

Episode 13 Inside Feelings!
Cute Giana : "Locked! How do i get in?"

Cute Giana : "Some say i am cute..."

Cute Giana : "...But I can feel the punk in me"

Page 14 "Level up!"Edit

Episode 14 Level Up!
Cute Giana : "Let's see, what is in here..."

Cute Giana : "Hm..."

Cute Giana : "Sometimes my life seems like a videogame!"

Page 15 "Kidnapped!"Edit

Episode 15 Kidnapped!
Cute Giana : "What happening when i step through this portal?"

Cute Giana : "AAAHH!"

Maria : "Kidnapped by a dragon monster! I hope Giana can catch up..."

Maria : "Hey! I said catch up! Not pass!"

Page 16 "Free fall!"Edit

Episode 16 Free Fall!
Cute Giana : "Darn! This flight is turning into a fall!"

Cute Giana : "Hey! Red gems!"

Punk Giana : "Mighty punk power!"

Punk Giana : "Oh yea, the fall become an attack!"

Page 17 "Owl'd School!"Edit

Red owl : "Again : the blond is our enemy!"

Red owl : "The blond can turn into a redhead..."

Red owl : "...And she is coming to save the green haired! Got it?"

Green owl : "Isn't the redhead trying to save the blond?"

Blue owl : "Wait! There is a green haired girl?"

Red owl : "I give up!"

Page 18 "Invincible!"Edit

Episode 18 Invincible!
Blue owl : "This helmet makes me invincible!"

Green owl : "I don't believe it!"

Blue owl : "Try it!"

Green owl : "Hey, you're right! It work!"

Page 19 "Pitch black!"Edit

Episode 19 Pitch Black!
Punk Giana : "Crashed! Where am i?"

Blue owl : "In the dreary domain of Hansel and Gretel!"

Punk Giana : "Hey, who are you?"

Blue owl : "Ah, your sister? Yay, you finally saved me!"

Blue owl : "It worth a try!"

Punk Giana : "Just you wait!"

Page 20 "PSN release!!"Edit

Episode 20 PSN RELEASE!!
Punk Giana : "I'm going to get you!"

Blue owl : "Oh magic gem, save me grom this punk!"

Blue demon : "Ha ha! Now i am a mighty devil and you are small and cute!"

Cute Giana : "Cute, but hardcore!"

Page 21 "Two sides!"Edit

Episode 21 Two Sides!
Punk Giana : "Giana! Change into me! I am strong!"

Cute Giana : "Okay!"

Punk Giana : "Oh yea! Let's do this!"

Punk Giana : "How i do get outta here?"

Cute Giana : "He he, guess it's my turn again!"

Punk Giana : "Having two sides can be tricky!"

Page 22 "The twist!"Edit

Episode 22 The Twist!
Cute Giana : "Twirl!"

Cute Giana : "Aah! I'm falling!"

Punk Giana : "Now i take over!"

Punk Giana : "Dash!"

Punk Giana : "Invincible by twist!"

Cute Giana : "Exaclty!"

Page 23 "Giana heading forward!"Edit

Episode 23 Giana heading forward!
Green owl : "With this trap, i will take Giana out!"

Blue owl : "Cool!"

Green owl : "Here she comes!"

Blue owl : "HOO HOOOOO!"

Green owl : "Ehmm, looks like that's the trigger, not the trap!"

Page 24Edit

Episode 24
Punk Giana : "Man, i have got to get outta this cave and save Maria!"

Punk Giana : "Wow, is this the exit??"

Punk Giana : "A monster is probably lurking behind there!"

Hansel : "Define 'behind'!"

Punk Giana : "Oh Shucks!"

Page 25Edit

Episode 25
Hansel : "What brings you to my domain?"

Punk Giana : "I'm looking for my sis Maria! A dragon took her!"

Hansel : "I understand, i have been looking for my sister for a very loog time..."

Hansel : "I can hear her, but cannot find her! Gretel? Gretel?"

Gretel : "Hansel?"

Hansel : "Gretel?"

Punk Giana : "You guys are extremly nearsighted aren't you?"

Page 26 "Gems! Again!"Edit

Episode 26 Gems! Again!
Punk Giana : "Could you show me the way out of this cave?"

Hansel : "Gladly! But we can barely see!"

Punk Giana : "I can help with that!"

Hansel : "Wow! you glow beautufully just like a gem..."

Gretel : "We devour gems!"

Punk Giana : "Drat!"

Page 27 "A little help!"Edit

Episode 27 A Little Help!
Punk Giana : "Dash!"

Punk Giana : "Nope, that's not gonna work!"

Gretel : "But with a little help..."

Page 28 "Retro stories!"Edit

Episode 28 Retro Stories!
Punk Giana : "That worm is invincible!"

Blue owl : "Back in the day he was just a small creature..."

Blue owl : "...But along came a girl who used poser up balls to alter herself!"

Blue owl : "Then one day he swallowed such a ball..."

Blue owl : "...And became the monster you see today!"

Punk Giana : "He he, i love retro stories!"

Page 29Edit

Episode 29
Cute Giana : "I finally know how to defeat the worm!"

Cute Giana : "Cmon baby..."

Punk Giana : "Twist and..."

Punk Giana : "...Shout!"

Page 30Edit

Episode 30
Giana : "Yes, the worm is toast!!"

Giana : "Oh no, it was just another dream!"

Giana : "Wait... Where is Maria?!"

Giana : "Hold on, Maria! I will return and save you!"

Page 31Edit

Episode 31
Punk Giana : "I need more speed!"

Punk Giana : "Owl speed!"

Page 32Edit

Episode 32
Red owl : "Owls are invincible!"

Green owl : "Hozzah!"

Red owl : "Stop that girl!"

Green owl : "She has an owl! She's invincible!"

Page 33Edit

Episode 33
Red owl : "We're going to smash into the wall!"

Punk Giana : "No worries..."

Cute Giana : "...I've got an airbag!"

Page 34Edit

Episode 34
Cute Giana : "When vewed from abive, everything seems to be so small and peaceful..."

Gurglewocky : "You're absolutely right!"

Page 35Edit

Episode 35
Cute Giana : "You kidnapped my sister, and i will rescue her!"

Gurglewocky : "You have to pass me, first!"

Punk Giana : "Okay!"

Gurglewocky : "I didn't see that coming..."


  • The most used Giana's side is her Punk side.
  • There was a mistake in the comic. The owls don't turn into a demon when Punk Giana twist into Cute Giana. it happened in page 29 and page 33.
  • Many lines use the exclamation point.
  • The name of the page refer to a word from the page.
  • In page 31, the art style has changed. Punk Giana have now a horse tail and Gurglewocky is more detailed.
    • The owl have also changed, but very singly.
  • In the first page, an yellow owl appeared in the background. But he never appeared again.
  • The first 4 pages have an alternative page, which there the same, but feature more stuff.