Great Giana Sisters on DS
Title screen
Release 2007
Genre Platform
Number of player 2 players
Developer(s) MRSID
Publisher(s) MRSID
Designer(s) MRSID
Composer(s) Maybe MRSID
Engine used Unknown
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Not to be confused with Giana Sisters DS.

The Great Giana Sisters on DS is a unofficial Nintendo DS port of The Great Giana Sisters of the C64. Created by MRSID in 2007 (two years before Giana Sisters DS), you can play as two player mode (like in the original), you can switch screens by pressing L+R.


In title screen Edit

  • Press A to start a single player game
  • Press B to start a two-player game (played in turns)

During game Edit

  • Press D-Pad to control Giana or Maria
  • Press A to jump
  • Press B to fire (first you need to collect the shot extra!)
  • Press X to activate extras (clock and bomb)
  • Press L+R to swap screens
  • Press SELECT to pause


Giana Sisters for Nintendo DS

Giana Sisters for Nintendo DS

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